Friday, June 8, 2012

46 Alleged Latin Kings Face Drug Charges

BROCKTON--Forty-six alleged leaders, members and associates and drug suppliers of the Latin Kings gang operating in New Bedford were charged today on federal and state drug offenses.
The charges stem from a long-term investigation into narcotics sales in the area, according to a prepared statement from the U.S Attorney's Office in Boston.
Officials said the mass round-up and charges are a continuation of law enforcement efforts beginning in 2006 to reduce the amount of violence and drug crimes in northern New Bedford centered around the Latin Kings' operations.
In 2010, law enforcement began to see an increase in street level drug sales and violence in areas of the city known to be occupied by the Latin Kings after an investigation in 2006 resulted in arrests and prosecutions at the local and federal levels of 37 Latin Kings members.
It is alleged that during the current investigation, recorded undercover purchases revealed over the last 18 months, the individuals arrested Friday, June 8 sold narcotics in New Bedford to cooperating witnesses and undercover officers.
Three individuals have also been charged with drug trafficking offenses.
The following individuals were arrested this morning and have been charged with federal narcotics violations:
1) Jouseph Caraballo, 38, of New Bedford;
2) Juan Serrano, 43, of New Bedford;
3) Terrill McKissack, 24, of New Bedford;
4) Raphael Pineda, 23, of New Bedford;
5) Gabriel Vaszquez, 25, of New Bedford;
6) Ezequiel Quinones, 39, of New Bedford (fugitive);
7) Javier Natal, 22, of New Bedford;
8) Luis Guerra, 31, of New Bedford;
9) Giovanni Vale-Valentin, 22, of New Bedford;
10) Manuel Torres, 20, of New Bedford;
11) Jesus Carrasquillo, 22, of New Bedford;
12) Pedro Figueroa, 27, of New Bedford;
13) Ramon Sanchez, 20, of New Bedford;
14) Enoe Carrasquillo, 26, of Puerto Rico;
15) Jesmeil Ortiz, 21, of Puerto Rico (fugitive);
16) Mari Gomez, 43, of New Bedford

The following individuals have been charged by federal complaint:
17) Jordan Jorge, 20, of New Bedford;
18) Felicia Timoteo, 20, of New Bedford

The following individuals were arrested this morning and have been charged with state narcotics violations:
Superior Court Indictments:
1) Jose Vale, 53, of New Bedford;
2) Tyrone Singleton, 39, of New Bedford;
3) Carl Robinson, 47, of New Bedford;
4) Irvin Olivero, 24, of New Bedford;
5) Michael Santos, 32, of New Bedford;
6) Diane Raposo, 33, of New Bedford;
7) Matthew Wilson, 26, of New Bedford;
8) Jason Chumack, 40, of New Bedford;
9) Sandra Torres, 39, of New Bedford

District Court Charges:
1) Juvenile, 16, of New Bedford;
2) Michael Waldron, 34, of New Bedford;
3) Shane Valez, 23, of New Bedford;
4) Lizette Brown, 44, of New Bedford;
5) April Rose, 43, of New Bedford;
6) Evandro Martins, 25, of New Bedford;
7) Sunilda Ruiz, 46, of New Bedford;
8) Beinbenido Baez, 20, of New Bedford;
9) Y oneel Pagan, 19, of New Bedford;
10) Tavon Thomas, 21, of New Bedford;
11) Robert Woodard, 35, of New Bedford;
12) Anthony Douglas, 28, of New Bedford;
13) Meagan Cordeiro, 26, of New Bedford;
14) Curtis Britto, 23, of New Bedford;
15) Ronald Gonzalezstone, 32, of New Bedford;
16) Tanairy Ruiz, 24, of New Bedford;
17) William Figueroa, 30, of New Bedford;
18) Jerry Morales-Perez, 29, of New Bedford;
19) Luis Lopez, 27, of New Bedford.

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